To Do, In Progress, Done

“But I Don’t Feel Like It!”

Motivation. Drive. Get-up-and-do-it. Action. “Go”. All are synonyms for the thing that pushes us from passive inertia into actively doing something. This “something” that people often postpone or avoid usually entails some form of effort. Which often leads to procrastination… and then more procrastination

Getting Back on the Horse

Getting back on the horse

I often hear the following remarks from clients, especially after something bad has befallen them:

  • “When I am ready, I will have that difficult conversation.”
  • “When I have gotten better, I will start doing things that I enjoy again.”
  • “When I have fully healed, I will go back to work again.”
  • “When I am stronger,
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How can a person ever tell?

I recently received a most wonderful gift in the mail from my oldest childhood friend in South Africa: the outstanding novel Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell. The story has its base in fact (William Shakespeare’s early life, his marriage and his three children) but is also highly fictionalised, especially around the death of his only son (Hamnet) and the subsequent writing of the famous play Hamlet.

The Room | Felix and Sage

The Room

Come in, and have a seat…

All therapy happens somewhere! I have worked as a therapist in a variety of settings: first in various public teaching hospitals in Cape Town, then a year in a little barebones clinic on a military outpost in the middle of nowhere (where I painted the walls of my office yellow within my first week of arriving there).

On Pushing, Pilling, Patting & Partnering

On Pushing, Pulling, Patting and Partnering

As a psychologist, I often find myself in the tricky space of balancing two therapeutic modes of being with a client: empathic holding on the one end, and challenging the client on the other end. As per classic Rogerian theory, I certainly subscribe to the idea that unconditional positive regard, warmth and empathy form the bottom line of any good therapeutic experience.

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Fresh vs. Frozen Vegetables: Is there a superior?

Many Australians believe that fresh vegetables are better for you than frozen, but is this really the case? The truth is, science has shown there is very little difference in nutritional value between fresh and frozen vegetables. (1) This is great news and here’s why:

Frozen Vegetable Benefits:

Less food waste:

Food waste equates to a $20 billion economy loss in Australia each year,