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What To Expect In A Session With Our Dietitian

If you’ve never met with an Accredited Practicing Dietitian before, even the thought of a session may be intimidating for you; after all, we have the word “diet” in our job title. You may be thinking “Will I ever be able to eat my favourite foods again? Are they just going to be put me on a diet? Or will they give me a meal plan and send me on my way?”. These are all valid thoughts, and the truth is, your dietitian is there to support you in achieving your health goals – we aren’t here to tell you off for eating your favourite foods! I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m a dietitian and I still eat chocolate, and cookies, and pasta, and you get the idea. So in summary, yes you can still eat your favourite foods, and no we won’t just put you on a diet.

Our first session:

Our initial consultation together last approximately 60 minutes and is an opportunity to get to know each other; all sessions are a collaboration, not just the dietitian telling you what to do. Picking a dietitian that understands you and your needs is much like picking a friend, you have to get along with them in order to work together and achieve your goals!

Some topics of discussion usually include:

  • The reason you’re seeing the dietitian and how you feel about our session
  • Your medical history and any medical symptoms you may be experiencing
  • Your general lifestyle
  • What you usually eat, typical eating patterns/behaviours/triggers, likes/dislikes, etc.
  • Then we come up with a plan, recommendations and evidence-based education tailored to your specific needs
  • If you feel comfortable, bring up any concerns or questions throughout the session and we will work towards building up your nutrition knowledge and confidence

Follow up sessions:

These (usually 30 minute) sessions include collaborating together to find what worked well for you, what didn’t work and how we can improve for the future. In most cases, we can’t possibly achieve everything you wish in one session, which is why these follow-up sessions are so crucial! Changing our behaviours (especially eating behaviours) is incredibly tough which is why the Felix & Sage team don’t want you do go through it alone! Altering our eating habits takes time, and it takes support which is what our Dietitian Adelle is here to help with.

If you feel like seeing a dietitian is now a little less daunting, and you would like support with your eating behaviours, please reach out to our friendly reception staff for more information or to book and appointment with Adelle on (03) 8813 0590 or email reception@felixandsage.com

Adelle Kent
Felix & Sage Psychology

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