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Crisis Assistance
We are unable to provide emergency assistance.  If you are experiencing a crisis and need help now, please call 000, or for immediate support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.
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Who We Are
Felix & Sage Psychology Ringwood has a diverse team of caring and knowledgeable practitioners comprised of Psychologists and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers.
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Our Services
We provide tailored psychological services to children, teens, adults, couples and families for a diverse range of issues, by utilising a vast range of treatment approaches.
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Appointment Info
Appointments run for approximately 50 minutes and are scheduled on the hour.  We offer daytime, evening and saturday appointments for your convenience.
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Here at Felix & Sage Psychology we pride ourselves in creating a warm and welcoming space for you to come for your appointments with our professionally trained and registered practitioners.  We are located in Ringwood East’s established medical precinct and less than 100 metres from Maroondah Hospital with our own off-street car park for your convenience.

Would you like to schedule an appointment?

To learn how we can help you receive the care you need, when you need it, or to schedule your initial appointment, contact us today!


Our Aim

We aim to deliver our services in an impartial manner to all our clients, with an understanding that Australia has an increasingly diverse and multicultural society. Through this, we aim to empower our clients to achieve a sense of hope, direction and purpose to ensure the best results for each individual client.


Our Mission

Our Mission here at Felix and Sage is to provide specialized and accessible mental health care solutions to our clients. We deliver these services at our clinic in Ringwood East, Victoria at times that are most convenient for our clients, including nights and weekends.

Today’s Gratitude prompt is Horn Tootin’ Tuesday! 🎉⁣

So go ahead - Toot Your Own Horn! 🥳 List in the comments three things you did today that you’re proud of - whether they’re as simple as getting out of bed or brushing your teeth - or something big and life-changing! ⁣You can also use the template available in our stories to share it to your own - but be sure to tag us🤗

New to our Gratitude practice? Check out the details in the last few posts for your chance to win a gratitude journal and deck of gratitude cards! ⁣

💚Team F&S🕊 (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)

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Today’s Gratitude prompt is Mother Nature!🌱🌸🐾🌧⁣

To join our 30 Day Gratitude practice, list 3 things in nature that you are grateful for in the comments below, or use the template in our stories to add it to your stories, make your list and tag us! (Public profiles only.)⁣

Not sure how the 30 Days of Gratitude is running? Check the last two posts on our feed and join us! 💚Team F&S🕊(Art @byclairemonique 🎨)

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Are you ready to begin your gratitude practice? We’ll be starting tonight, but thought we’d give you a heads up with our gratitude prompts!⁣

Here is the list of prompts we’ll be working with each week for the 30 Days of Gratitude practice. Notice each day of the week has a separate theme, and these themes are designed to make you think about various aspects of your life and the world around you, heightening your awareness of things you may wish to include on your lists each day and each week. If you’re not quite sure what each theme means, we’ll give you more details on the day.⁣

When we post the day’s prompt on Instagram, comment on the post to share your Gratitude list for the day. This is to get you in the habit of actively taking a moment to feel and express gratitude, which has been proven to increase mental and emotional wellbeing. We will also have story highlights so you can post your list to your stories to share it with your own followers.⁣

If you are here to win the Gratitude journal and Gratitude card deck, each list you make on our post and each story you post and tag us in on your own (public) account will count as an entry into the draw! ⁣

We hope you will join us in creating a Gratitude practice this month, and we look forward to reading all of your lists! And don’t forget, if you want to be notified each time we post so you can add your list, make sure you turn notifications on on our profile. ⁣

💚Team F&S🕊

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Join us for Felix & Sage Psychology’s 30 Days of Gratitude practice and be in the draw to WIN a Gratitude journal and a deck of Gratitude cards! ⁣
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Allow yourself to fully experience your feelings, both the difficult ones and the enjoyable ones! Practice noticing how you feel the next time you are having a pleasant or difficult moment - first accept it, then either share it, express it in a healthy way or allow it to move through you 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique🎨) ...

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Whatever it is, whatever you’re not sure about, whatever is making you second guess yourself - YOU CAN DO IT! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

8 0

You are the only you in the whole world, and you are beautiful and lovable and worthy just as you are! 💚 Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

10 2

Good evening everyone! Incorporating a gratitude practice into your daily routine has been proven to positively impact your emotional wellbeing, so take a moment to reflect and then tell us in the comments- what are three things you’re grateful for today? 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

9 4

We can’t always control what happens around us, but if we want something to change we can absolutely make it happen! If you need help navigating or creating change in your life right now, call our friendly team on 03 8813 0590 to make an appointment today. 💚 Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

6 0

Visualization can be a very powerful tool, so don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG! Take time to think about what you want and visualize in your head the ideal way you want it to play out - think about yourself crossing the finish line, getting the promotion or completing a project. Feel how good it feels in your body to have that dream come true in your imagination, and work toward feeling that feeling in real life! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

3 0

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take ten deep breaths. Inhale, Exhale. Focus on your breathing and ground yourself in the present moment. 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

6 0

If you’re being hard on yourself for not quite meeting your own high standards when it comes to your habits during quarantine, remember that most of the time ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’, and It’s ok to ease the pressure. 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#doneisbetterthanperfect #justdoit #easethepressure #takethepressureoff #youvegotthis #perfectlyimperfect #ringwood #lilydale #blackburn #ferntreegully #melbourneartist #psychologyclinic

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Hi everybody! It’s question time⏰⁣

The Team here at Felix and Sage Psychology would love to know - how can we best serve you through this platform at the moment? What do you need? What do you feel would be useful to you as we continue to navigate this uncertain time together? ⁣

Please let us know in the comments below if there is anything in particular you would like to see or hear from us- because we’d love to hear from you!⁣

💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#whatdoyouneed #feedbackwelcome #felixandsagepsychology #byclairemonique #questiontime #psychologicalservices #counselling #mentalhealthsocialwork #therapy #melbournetherapy #melbournecounsellor

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We understand that for some of you the longer this pandemic continues, the harder it can feel. Remember that times may be tough - but so are you! You can get through this, and we are here to support you. 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#timesaretough #butsoareyou #hangingtough #motivationquotes #positiveaffirmations #reframing #reframeyourthoughts #nunawading #rowville #northringwood #ringwood #psychologyservices #counselling #counsellingpsychology #melbourneart #melbourneartist

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It’s ALWAYS cool to be kind! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#cooltobekind #bekindtoyourself #bekindtooneanother #becool #kindiscool #melbournepsychology #ringwood #vermont #supportlocalbusiness #procreatewordart #handletteredquote #melbourneartist

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A lot of people have had their hands full looking after others during this time with children being homeschooled and partners working from home. Have you been taking enough time to look after yourself? What’s one thing you can do tonight to show yourself a little love? 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#lookafteryourself #lookafteryou #selflovequotes #healthyboundaries #boundarywork #psychologymelbourne #psychologistmelbourne #lilydale #boronia #ringwoodeast #procreateartist #procreatecalligraphy #residentartist

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Hold your head high, you are doing SO WELL and every day you are closer to getting through this! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#holdyourheadhigh #holdyourown #beproudofyourself #bestrong #mentalhealthprofessionals #positivepsychology #melbournepsychologist #psychologypractice #melbournementalhealth #croydon #ringwood #heathmont #wordartists #handletteredquotes

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Hey you. Yes you! YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Keep up the good work 👊 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#youredoinggreat #welldone #encouragementquotes #affirmations #wordsofaffirmation #handletteredaffirmations #psychologyquotes #positivepsychology #psychologyquote #melbournewellness

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Make sure you take some time this weekend to do whatever it is that will make you happy! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

3 1

Are you having trouble processing your emotions in the midst of the #covid crisis? Don’t bottle things up! Talk to your friends and family about what you’re going through, or call us on 03 8813 0590 to make an appointment to speak with one of our supportive clinicians. In person and Telehealth appointments available! 💚 Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#talkitout #dontbottlethingsup #therapyhelps #melbournepsychology #psychologymelbourne #easternsuburbsmelbourne #northringwood #ringwoodnorth #mentalhealthart #mentalhealthartist

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There’s a lot of societal pressure at the moment to use our time productively. While it’s good to work towards a goal, now is not necessarily the best time to be making progress. We have been collectively carrying an emotional load for a few months now, and for many it is starting to feel heavy. Think about whether there are any opportunities in your life you can take to slow down and actively invest in some relaxation now. Need some help figuring out how to best look after yourself? Call us on 03 8813 0590 and make an appointment with one of our clinicians. 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨)⁣

#mentalheathmatters #slowdown #ringwood #melbournepsychologist #relaxationtime #psychologyhelps #copingwithcovid

10 0

It is so important to make sure you are taking time to find some fun in your day-to-day life at the moment. We recommend listening to happy music, moving your body, painting or drawing or cooking one of your favourite treats! What can you do to find the fun in your day tomorrow? 💚Team F&S⁣

#felixandsagepsychology #findthefun #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthstrategies #enjoylife #goodtimesahead #moveyourbody

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Whatever it is that you want, whatever it is that you wish for, you are worthy of achieving or receiving it! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

8 0

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

5 0

Whatever you are feeling this weekend, it’s valid. 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

6 0

Progress is made one step at a time, and that including healing. Don’t worry if it feels like things are happening slowly for you right now, slow progress is still progress 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

9 0

You don’t always have to be productive! It’s ok to slow down and let your mind and body rest. How can you be more gentle with yourself today? 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

7 0

We know it can be tough to move forward when you’re not sure of the lay of the land or even where you’re headed, but things will settle down soon - and when they do you’ll be glad you kept going. So keep going! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

16 0

What is one thing you can do today that you will be glad you did tomorrow? Can you go to bed earlier? Journal your thoughts to encourage a more peaceful sleep? Put your phone down an hour before bed? Do one thing today that future you will thank you for! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

10 0

How have you been processing everything that’s been going on in the world for the past few months? Have you been talking to friends? Making art? Writing music? Getting therapy? It’s so important to make time and space to work through all of the things you are thinking and feeling. If you would like to book an appointment to talk to one of our qualified professionals, please call us on 03 8813 0590. Both in person and Telehealth appointments are available. 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

4 0

A lot of people are finding it tough at the moment, but as painful as difficult as life can be sometimes it’s all an opportunity to learn and grow, even if we can’t always see it in the moment. Have a peaceful night, 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

13 0

Some days are harder than others, so just know that as long as you are doing the best you can with what you have each day, that’s enough! 💚Team F&S (Art @byclairemonique 🎨) ...

11 0

Happy Friday everyone! It’s the first day of a new month, so why not consider starting a new healthy habit? One of our favorite mindset activities is nice and simple, called ‘3 Good Things’. Every night take a moment to think of three good things that happened that day. Big or small, it doesn’t matter, but the idea is to gently encourage your mind to start looking for the positive and enjoyable things in every day. So what three things are you grateful for today? Why not share your list with your family or friends - and with us in the comments below! 💚 Team F&S (art by @byclairemonique🎨) ...

11 2

In fact, it’s totally normal. Moods shift and change, and if you’re not feeling as chipper as you were yesterday that’s just fine. Allow it to move through you, and breathe, and know that it won’t last forever. Thanks for the reminder @cheeky_palm ! 💚Team F&S ...

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Hey you! Yes you. Even @abbiepaulhus thinks so! 💚Team F&S ...

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Today’s wise words brought to you by @ohverlee! 💚Team F&S ...

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Just in case nobody has told you yet today! 💚Team F&S and @mynames_ellen ...

18 1

Alone, but together. We Will Remember Them❤️

Now on the blog: ANZAC Day 2020 - A Different Type of Day by Lindie Oppermann. Link in bio.⁣

💚Team F&S

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You guys, it’s almost Friday, and this reminder from @leahtaylr is the perfect one to take into your weekend! What are some things you can do to show some kindness to yourself over the next few days? 💚Team F&S ...

16 0

A perfect Hump Day reminder from @laurajaneillustrations! 💚Team F&S ...

13 0

A beautiful reminder from @miss_mental0 for you tonight! We are often much more generous and kind to our friends than we are with ourselves, so why not try to also be a good friend to yourself through this challenging time? 💚Team F&S ...

13 0

Wise words from @sophiekatecreative! If you’re having a tough time at the moment, don’t forget that you have made it through EVERYTHING you have ever been through. 💚Team F&S ...

11 0

Happy Friday everyone! @stacieswift has a wonderful compliment for you - and we completely agree! Hoping you have a relaxing weekend doing what lights you up. 💚Team F&S ...

10 0

Have you been scrolling through Instagram and feeling low because everyone seems to be picking up a new skill or smashing out pushups, and you just aren’t feeling up to it? @allthingslillyann has a message for you! Comparison is the thief of joy, so if you need to unfollow accounts or switch off your phone, please do. These are uncertain times and all you need to do is what’s right for you! 💚Team F&S ...

12 0

The incredible Dani, creator of @positivelypresent, has released some beautiful colouring pages and free resources on her website! We love her work, and if you do too head on over to her profile and follow the links. 💚Team F&S ...

8 0

A beautiful reminder from @bw_illustrations that we are passing on to you! Even if you are feeling alone at this time, we are all in this together. 💚Team F&S ...

19 0

As the long weekend draws to a close tonight, why not take ‘s advice and Find Comfort In Stillness? Put your phone down, find a quiet moment, focus on your breath and think of three things from this weekend you can feel grateful for. 💚Team F&S ...

23 7

Happy Easter from our wonderful practitioners and staff 🐇Whether or not you celebrate Easter we hope you had a lovely day and enjoy your long weekend! Team F&S💚 ...

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Take a moment for yourself tonight courtesy of @blessthemessy - pick the flower that speaks to you and carry into tomorrow🌸💚Team F&S ...

25 2

Spending this long weekend at home is likely to bring up all sorts of feelings for a lot of people, so we’re just here to tell you that whatever you feel is valid and you will get through it! 💚Team F&S ...

23 0